A model showing her back wearing a black flowery lace shirt and a black cardigan

Since 2016 Japanese designer Hakuyo Miya creates women's ready-to-wear in a perfect combination of beautiful silhouettes of fantasy and delicate and bold fabrics. 


Each piece offers a unique blend of Parisian elegance, influences of Japanese traditions and enchanting stories from Eastern Europe.


The unique style of Mouton Blanc lies in the use of intricate lace, astonishing volumes and a constant search for new materials and textures, in a visual world where traditions meet the unexpected. 


A close-up of a model with curly hair wearing a white shirt with a large collar and covered with white feathers
A close-up of a model wearing a light grey lace cardigan, standing in front of green leaves
A close-up of a model wearing a light pink dress

We are a small brand and proud to be small. We want to keep things simple, local and humane. We design and sew limited lines of clothing in our workshop in Paris. We always ensure that the people involved in our supply chain are well treated and that the impact on the environment is minimal. To do so, we choose our fabrics with great care. We use sustainable fabrics as much as we can as well as upcycled materials.

We strive to develop our own vision of fashion: personal, creative, local, humane, multicultural.



Founder & Lead Fashion Designer

Hakuyo Miya was born in Tokyo. After studying in Japan he decided to change his life completely and move to Paris in pursuit of his dreams of fashion. He graduated from the Atelier Chardon Savard in Paris and started his own brand in 2016.